MGN protein preferance...

  1. MGN protein preferance...

    I'm gonna buy in 15 lb bulk. What do you all recommend? Premium blend, American blend, or pure isolate. Also with 15 lbs flavor is key. I've had cake batter awesome sweet almost as if I'm cheating. I've heard good about cinna bun. Wish they had peanut butter!!
    Lets hear your opinions...

  2. Depending on your goals, I had both American blend and pure isolate so that is up to you. Flavor wise cinnamon bun was great but IMO cake batter is a great versatile protein you can mix with anything. I had chocolate cookie crunch and pb but they get tiring after a while if you have too much!

  3. Thanks for reply. Is NP ever gonna get MGN back in stock? Are there any reps from MGN on the forum? I'd like to hear from them!!!

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    Look what I got yesterday! Cake batter and vanilla Carmel. (Taste pretty good!)

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