Anabolic Pump/Glycobol Dosing times

  1. Anabolic Pump/Glycobol Dosing times

    Does anyone truly know the reason why they say to take these supplements anywhere from 15-30 minutes before consuming carbs with them? Imo, if you take the pill and then consume the carbs only minutes after, the pill capsule will open while the carbs are still present in your stomach. therefore it shouldnt make a difference whether its 1 minute, or 30 just as long as you take the pill before you eat your carbs. Yet, every insulin mimetic/SIM has you taking the pill a good amount of time before the carbs get consumed. Why is this?

    ive tested this due to time restraints at my job (im a personal trainer and do not have time between clients to wait 15-30 minutes to eat after taking my AP) and I feel as if the outcome is the same as when I wait. I still get the pump, and the recomp benefits!

    Any thoughts? Internet searches came up empty.

  2. The pill needs time to digest in your system to get the full effects.
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  3. Sorry don't have time atm to answer any of your questions, did see the thread and thought you might find this link useful though

    usplabsdirect . com/forum/topic/912-usplabs-anabolic-pump-sample-dosing-schedule-and-manual/

    Not 150 posts so you'll have to remove spaces

  4. Digestion but more important it takes time for the body to translocate glut4

  5. For it to dissolve and start it's GDA can also take even at the same time or right after your meal. Diggestion and glucose interactions happen even 2-3 hours after a meal.

    I would dose AP before the meal anyhow though, nice Carb least some 40 mins with some Na-R-Ala but that's just me. Glycobol can be returned pronto so you can get more AP or switch to Recompadrol.
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  6. I've been back on AP for 3 days and I already am seeing a legit recomp effect. My vascularity and muscle fullness is through the roof. This stuff has always worked incredibly well for me.


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