Do Not let Arthritis keep U From Gaining Huge Lean MASS

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    Do Not let Arthritis keep U From Gaining Huge Lean MASS

    Collagen type 1? Collagen type 3?................UNDENATURED TYPE II COLLAGEN three dimensional configuration of glycoproteins are the reason for response signals that catalyze T-cell attack.................Lymphno id tissue in duodenum & epitopes by taking undenatured type II collagen helps the T-cell attack on joint cartilage...........Just a small does of UC-II can help deactivate killer T-cell attack.........You see the glycosylated UC-II has active epitopes that help in signaling required for the immune system..................In little over a month UC-II in females of an average age of 68 had significant joint pain relief including but not exclusive to range of motion in the "problem area".............UC-II has proven to reduce joint pain & swelling in RA patients...................... . I am no Shill for UC-II or any other company..........

    Hope this may help the many I see on here with these kind of issues...

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    I started using Type 1 and 3 (NeoCell) about 3 weeks ago and it has really helped with joint discomfort, recovery from workouts as well as a signficant improvement in skin tone/elasticity.

    I was going to use it for another month or two and do a review.

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