Evogen Cell Kem / EVP

  1. Evogen Cell Kem / EVP

    I was recommended this by my online fitness coach your thoughts ?

    I have actually went into a mom n pop supplment store when it very first came out to get some had it at check out then they told me it was high dollar crap so since then I have no idea what to believe lol

  2. This brand tempted myself as well...I gave the evp a shot, but I was quite disappointed especially with its price tag. I guess if your cycling of stims it would be a good preworkout past time. I would choose hemavol hands down though if I ever could give up my stims

  3. I will deff. Give hemavol a go. I just don't understand why he chooses evogen over other pre workouts ?

  4. i have no experience with the company or the owner.....but from what i've heard about hany rambod, i'm just not a fan of his practices so i stay away

    so if ur coach is friends with hany or believes in his stuff, then thats why he'd recommend it,but i'd think theres better options out there
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