noots recommended for 18 year old ?

  1. noots recommended for 18 year old ?

    hi guys ,

    first of all i have a huge exam coming up in one month that i need to pass in order to get my permission to continue my university .
    currently im using sns huperzine and sometimes sns focus xt which keeps me focused very well .
    but sometimes i have the feeling when i get distracted from studying i automatically keep focused on other things and make breaks for 30-45 mins from studying which is imo not good.

    so i am looking for a good noot for example piracetam or phenylracetam - i can lay my hands on lgi n-pept which is phenylracetam i guess .
    my question is : is it dangerous for a young dude like me to take noots ?
    dont wanna destroy something in my brain or disables my physical endurance .

    any opinions ?
    ps im from europe sry for my vad english

  2. nobody has an answer?

  3. Focus xt, craze and demiurge is what I use.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bomb View Post
    nobody has an answer?
    hi Fellow European, i dont really have a great answer but maybe try to up your dosage lightly on products like focus XT might be the safiest option, or stack; i would stay away from drugs treating hyper activity as i have seen my team mate all shaky in a bad way from it.
    I hope that help or that someone will help you better, good luck on your exam.

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