Anabeta elite post patellar tendon surgery alright?

  1. Anabeta elite post patellar tendon surgery alright?

    Its 8 days post patellar tendon surgery for me now and im feeling pretty good. Today was the first day I was up and able to walk with just my brace. Is there any problem in taking anabeta alite now? I have erase pro as well but i thought that definitely wouldnt be a good idea to take with the possible joint issues that can occur

  2. I wouldn't see a problem taking ABE now. But I would hold off until you start your Erase Pro again to stack with ABE honestly. Better results and benefits stacking the two.
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  3. So none of the ingredients should interfere with the healing process?

  4. I would hold off until the incision is healed and all, if any, rehab is done. You're not really healthy and, IMO, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to use a supplement when you can't train an entire half of your body in the gym.
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  5. I recommend you wait until fully healed before starting PES products again.



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