Yok3d vs NO3

  1. Yok3d vs NO3

    Which is more effective?

  2. Haven't ran either but from reviews on both products looks as if Yok3d beats NO3.

    But like I said I haven't ran either but if I had to pick one... Yok3d
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  3. pretty much the same thing

    i would go with NO3 just because its not a prop blend when it comes to the nitrates.

  4. If wanting nitrates though. I would look into creatine nitrate. I plan on getting some creatine nitrate along with VPX Sports Power Shock.
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  5. I have ran both and Cellucor NO3 trounces Yok3d. NO3 is far better and has a much higher quality ingredient profile than Yok3d. I could never acheive an actual "pump" with Yok3d but NO3 always gave me a nice, strong pump. NO3 is so good that you really can't find it at a significant discount anywhere, even Ebay prices are still pretty high.

  6. For nitrates...APS Creatine Nitrate...if you really must pick one of those pick Yok3d.
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  7. I ram yoked and enjoyed it. I will run it again once I finish my jacked micro..sj

  8. I like yoked but hate that you need to take in 2-3 hours before your workout. I never think that far ahead

  9. Yok3d is an odd beast, once you figure out your sweet spot it's great. Jut takes some time.
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  10. love yok3d. with anabeta, u get some nasty pumps
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