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  2. Quote Originally Posted by j4ever41 View Post
    with those using erase pro eod do you feel any fluctuations with hormone levels before you dose again? if 1 e pro = 3 erase, even 1 ed will dry me out to much.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by j4ever41

    I dosed my first bottle of EPRO 1 eod and can't say that I noticed much fluctuation in my hormone levels. I found it to be very effective at that dose. I'm now at the level where 1 daily doesn't create any issues with sides though. I do run super cissus as a staple so that may be a factor with helping the dry joints.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by USPlabsRep View Post
    How about a Test powder Erase pro stack at NP?

    I may have some pull with USP to pull it off...
    Love this stack, would run it again. Test powder takes daa to a whole new level. Just as erase pro takes erase to another level.

    Next time i run these two I'm adding anabeta elite and compound 20... Imagine the results?
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  5. thank you


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