wrist pain from dips and lifting, i have tendonitis

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    I really want to make it work because the wrist pain has been bad. I have opened those pills and taken a very small dose. For me the drastic change in the way my body looks sucks. Not to hate on steriods to the guys that havent been jerks, but if you added this you wouldnt be able to pinpoint it exactly. Its easy for me to figure out when I see the change, I take the product out the next day and my body looks the same. I have noticed a change for the worse with the steriod/cortizone injections they gave me for my wrist and other times I have used steriod/cortizone injections. Cutting the dose by a lot has helped me not look so muscular.
    Pics or it didn't happen.

  2. Cissus helps joint pain, no doubt. If you are swelling up from cissus I would strongly recommend medical help. Impossible to just grow muscles, even roids would take some time and effort to get muscular.

    Perhaps you mentally see yourself as "more muscular" because its not physically possible. In that case I would still seek help, psychiatric help. Im giving you the benefitroll of the doubt.

  3. Cissus has worked wonders for me. A must have for any serious lifter.

  4. I think i will stick to a really low dose. The cissus rx is making my blood sugar too low. I think super cissus is better.

  5. Joint Help = best joint supplement on the market bar none. Give a shot...don't agree with me? I'll make sure you're taken care of out of my personal stash.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

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  7. Super cissus rx and NOW Celadrin is the way to go


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