Is tribulus a good test booster?

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    I guess I should mention that I spend a lot of time crying after sex when I use fenugreek.
    Lmao!!! Hilarious!!

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  2. The function of tribulus in rasing test is that it first raises Leutinizing Hormone (LH) then test follows (hopefully).

    Better options like fadogia exist. I'm a fan of fadogia and divanil. If it's libido boost youre looking for then the PDE-5 inhibition in Drive would be better suited. Free Test gets me goin within a few days of starting up.

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    Mucuna works for me, especially mood and libido, but it's a fine line on dosages when dealing with different percentage extracts.
    I enjoyed inhibit p and bulbine for libido
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Why not get something like Fadogia which will not only work for your libido but actually boost testosterone?
    Well,I decided I`m gonna order Bioforge Promax V2,in a couple of days,when it`s back in stock.

    It`s gonna cost me 54 $,I hope it`s worth it Mr.Coop.

    These high price products are a gamble,but I couldn`t find any other fadogia that would ship to me.

    I hope it`s not going to be another Testopro,which sucks ass,big time!!!!


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