CEE results from Day 1

  1. CEE results from Day 1

    Hey everyone, I am guessing it is just placebo, but on Monday, I used CEE for the first time and had the best shoulder workout of my life. I have never felt such a pump. I was on fire and my endurance was like never before. I feel nothing with creatine mono and had little results with V12, but so far, I am loving CEE.

    Today is back day and this is the 3rd day I have taken CEE so I'll see if it does anything.

  2. I think it kicks in right away. It's nice when supplements aren't too good to be true.

  3. I am currently taking CEE as well and Im on my 3rd week. I love the stuff!

    The only thing is that it gives you the ****s during the 1st week. Not to mention that strength is upand your endurance is way way up, and I notice a differnece in the mirror.

  4. I noticed immediate results too.

  5. at what dose?

  6. Roughly 3-5 grams per day.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    Roughly 3-5 grams per day.
    Same here, but I haven't had any stomach problems like others have mentioned.

  8. What brand of cee u guys takeing???????

  9. Well I finished my 3rd day and 2nd workout on it and had another outstanding workout. I did my back and light bi's last night and had the pump of my life in my back. The amazing thing is that in my back, I rarely feel any pump whatsoever.

    In the last month, I switched from wide pull-ups to pul-downs. I told myself that I would stick to pull-downs until I ran out of sufficient weight on my stack which is a 200 lbs stack. Last week, I struggled with 190 lbs for 6 reps. Last night, my first set, I did 190 X 10 without much struggle. My second and 3rd set was 200 lbs X 8 reps with an extremely slow pace. Looks like next week it's back to weighted pull-ups.

    So far, I am loving CEE!!!!!!

  10. I just brought some good stuff from Stryder- Shout out DUDE
    I get good effects from mono- so its just a test
    but noticed how most of the hype is already dead.

  11. agreed, its one of the only creatine supplements i respond to. kudos to the whoever developed it.

  12. Pre or post workout?

  13. I take it about 1/2 hour pre although I sometimes take another dose after a heavy WO. Seems to help recovery a bit.

  14. I use it 30 min pre workout. got mine from custom.


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