17Hardcore/DAA/ Erase/ Compound 20

  1. 17Hardcore/DAA/ Erase/ Compound 20

    Day 10 of 17 hardcore and started to take DAA/ erase/ and compound 20 in addition. I also take Anadraulic pump by lgscience. I Definatly noticed with 17 hardcore that my muscles less stressed after my warm up cardio and first couple warm up sets. It was easier to move through workouts and have a steady pump that by the end was great. This herbal test booster works better than t bomb in my opinion.

    So here I'm on day 2 1/2 after adding Daa/Erase/C20
    Taking Daa in the am and pre workout for the first week. Taking erase in the am,pre workout and post C20 am and preworkout.
    First dose, I went on a interval jog and sprint for 1mile with my dog. I'm not sure if the DAA has a similar effect as baking soda, but I noticed explosiveness on sprints and cardio benefits during jog intravals. After this, I skiped rope and the zone was so intense. Probably skipped rope for 20 mins. Short rest and I was resistance training. I noticed some intense pumps. I mean the kind of pump that has you pacing around, talking to yourself about how stupid the pump is.

    The day 1 1/2 was dead lifts/ quads/ and calf day. Same sick pump. Working on a calorie def. And still 6 repping 305 on the deads with a 225 burn out, and creamed 700 total reps on calves. The intensity in pump is odd, my calves responed in a visual way.

    So far really enjoying all of these products and I know the 17 hardcore (suprizingly) is working. I thought maybe a placebo effect was happinin, but there is too much of a physical response even in doubt of the products effectivness.

    Both erase and compound 20 are supposed to aid in hardenning and fat burning, very excited about the results from this stack! I am not one for expectations, but more expectancy. I'm wanting to see sensu bean recovery and Saiyan Jin Definition! I will keep updating!

  2. It has been a week and 1 day since I added DAA, Erase and Compound 20 into my regular stack of supplements. I have taken Daa Twice a day for the first week, and am now only taking it in the Am.

    I must say, I can see a huge difference in vascularity. Endurance is up. Fat is cutting down and I'm shreding water weight. Strength is also still maintained. Pump is also intense. Calves are still reacting and growing. Quad are showing up! Recovery is great as well.

    I did find out that compound 20 is probably more responsible for the breathing enhancements I posted about after my first does. Compound 20 must be one of the coolest supps. I'm definatly gunna stick with it for a full 8 weeks.

  3. Thanks for the updates
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  4. Pectoral %bf is down. Lower back and core %bf is down. Quad % bf is down, but to a lesser degree. I have to say that I can feel the erase's anti cortisol properties working well. I'm doing excersizes that would normally create a soreness that is imobalizing, though even 48 hours later, the soreness is there like a beast, but I can still function. Can notice the hardenning effects from both c20 and erase in my calves. They are so strong and even when they are so pumped you'd think id lose ability to move them..... they just keep going. 100 reps for 10 sets on rocking calf raise with a 20lb weighted vest on for 600 of the reps.

    Also I started to get a couple of zits on my back! This is a great sign the Daa is working. Anti estrogen from the erase seems legit. Not weird tender nipple or anything of that nature. Even through these hard workouts I've been doing (a lot of german high volume training for major muscles) I have still had tremendous energy with no crashes.

    I have not noticed sore joints from erase as reported by others.... I to eat fish at night and take fish oils in the am with cissus, so that could help anyone else who might have trouble with that.

    17 hardcore might just be a more claim than game, but I believe it also plays a part in this stack, because before I ever took any of the other ingredients to the stack, I could feel a different kind of pump in my workouts.
    Thanks to all of these company's who make these products available. I have been a natural bodybuilder for 8 years running and was almost going to change that, but this stack has proved what natural science has to offer. when added to a clean diet, these products help your body work wonders. =0) will keep updating.

  5. Great progress man. Not too familiar with 17 hardcore. But I do love the DAA / Erase combo, my favorite. And Compound 20 is a phenominal addition to this stack.

  6. 17 hardcore is a clone of 17HD that Vyotech made. They took natural stuff and cramed it into a name 17-halo-mythl-dianadrone. But it is not a prohormone. It was a gimic. But for a natural product that is only 30 for a month, its not too bad. Some of the key ingredients have proof of effectiveness, but at high a dose than what is provided by the complex used in this product. I had a bad flare up under my scapula going up to my neck for a couple weeks from a grappling tournament prior to use of it. On my first does, once the pump set in, the pain was gone. I believe it has an herbal muscle relaxer in it that might help with pumping up beyond still being able to function. But erase and Daa are for sure the bomb. I will definatly be taking them and compound 20 for another month. I might just buy raws of the ingredients from 17 hardcore. Probably be cheaper and more efficient.


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