Versa-1 Tomm!!

  1. Versa-1 Tomm!!

    Hey guys I know I am excited about this release I can only imagine everyone else .

    My question today is what time do you think it will be released.

    I live in Texas so right now it's 2:21 PM you think it will be released at midnight or during the wee hours of the morning .

    I do not want to miss out I know they send you a email but I just want to be ready to snag a couple or more bottles before its sold out .

    Jan.8th is the release date for the inner circle members looking for the time !

    Thanks in advance


  2. The Inner Circle e-mail has been sent out, but the servers are currently overloaded and should clear up soon. Thank you for your support!
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  3. from what i can see, its already FS but we cant get to the website so as soon as the servers are working its game on. the sale is going through today and the end of tomorrow
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