ECA products?

  1. ECA products?

    I may have an opportunity to buy any of the following.

    Hi-Tech ECA Xtreme, 90 Caplets
    Diablos ECA Fire Caps, 100 Caps (Innovative Laboratories)
    Innovative Laboratories Black Mamba Hyper Rush

    Which one would you guys suggest is worth the purchase if any..?
    Keep in mind I live in Australia and Ephedra is not purchasable. Thanks!

  2. Ephedrine and ephedra are totally different things if I'm not mistaking. You can just order ephedrine online and get it shipped to you...just letting you know.

  3. as far as I know no more suplpements actually carry ephedrine, so although they have the "ECA" name on it, it should be absolute bullcrap.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  4. the above posters are correct. Ephedra and Ephedra alkaloids are 2 totally different things. As of now, it is illegal to sell ephedrine(what you're actually looking for) as a dietary supplement.

    Due to this not being available, I'd highly suggest you check out:

    It's only $14.93 while supplies last, and it is by far the most potent fat burner available. Many people have compared it directly to ephedrine, and claimed it superior.

    iForce Dexaprine Review

    I've felt the need to give this an in depth review, this isn't to sell it, despite that now we do sell it but is from one tricker to another. You guys seem to actively look for strong ass stimulants, whether it be pre-workout or pre-tricking.

    This is the strongest stimulant I feel I've ever taken as a 'supplement'.

    The serving size is half a tablet, I had a full tablet. In the past I've had just about every stimulant under the sun and have always developed a big tolerance to stimulants quickly. No other product containing Citrus Auruntium or 1,3 Dimethylamylamine has made me feel remotely energised in the last well, about 4 months and I've been having them regularly while testing products.

    Even RX6 when it came out, that had citrus auruntium, 1,3 dimethylamylamine, synephrine, methylsynephrine, ephedra, the world of caffeine and niacin did not make me bat an eyelid, and we've literally had people come into the store complaining to use that it's too strong before.

    Literally, from the bottom of my heart thought no other stimulant bar cocaine was going to get me going these days haha.

    9:15 this morning I took 1 dexaprine tablet, 10am and I felt like I had tunnel vision, it's 12:51 and I still feel alert. It's definitely missed it's peak, but I'm still ****ing wide awake and the tablet is meant to last for a total of 8 hours. I had taken clenbuterol this morning, clen isn't a 'stimulant' and I've developed a decent tolerance to it's side effects nowadays. I am pretty sure if I didn't take clen I'd still have felt the same only a bit less shakey.

    If you can find anyyyyy samples of this, try it. I'm not saying buy it because I believe unless you have a big tolerance to ephedrine or anything similar then this isn't for you.

    I've had jack3d, hemo rage, c4, super pump max, 150mg of ephedrine + 1gram caffeine, I mean really you name the pre-workout product I have probably tried it. Honestly apart from the very first time I took jack3d which was my first exposure to a 1,3 dimethyl product, I have never felt that stimulated haha. I do not think people could trick comfortably on this, I felt extremely anxious walking back from tesco before.

    I've sent some to Hez, Dave Hill and Joe Paxton. I will send 1 tablet to 3 more people if they want it.

    and on a last note, if you don't feel stimulated by it then it'll be worth asking people if the world actually exists. I want Joe Paxton and Lees Dragon to take 2 tablets to get buzzed but I fear for safety to take more than 1 haha.

    edit: 1:25pm, still feel alert. Not hyped, just 'alert' :]

    If you have tried, and enjoy Dexaprine you can buy it here for 34.99, but use ukmma5 as a discount code for 5% off. It's not much but money is money, or alternatively if you're a UK customer only you can call us on 0151 228 0684 and I'll try and sort you it for 30 including P&P. Again I do not recommend buying Dexaprine unless you are experienced with strong stimulants.

    edit: 13:50, I feel regular now. So 4 hours of stimulation, I'll let yas know if I get a come down. I have done before with 1,3 dimethyl based products, but apparently I'm just going to feel 'foggy' with this :]

    2:10, feel regular. Forcing down first meal now haha.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

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