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    I've spent a good amount of browsing time here and reading some good material. I belong to a couple of other fourms and saw this posted. I got a good laugh out of it, hopefully some of you will as well...

    to leosoon and everyone else...taking creatine isnt good ...let me tell you why

    1. When you stop taking it, which you will, you loose everything man and it turns to fat, dont let neone tell you different, you know how many endless nights i have spent researching it. I took it for like 2 months and stopped, it makes u feel like crap

    2. with any pro hormone, you gotta take an anti estrogen, you dont have to take nolva or clomid, you can take shyt i forget what its called, but it worked, if neone has any questions feel free to PM me

    I am taking my personal trainer course soon, so i know some stuff!!!

  2. Dear god why? WHY! WHY!?

    My head hurts.

  3. That's insane. Im sure that guy is pushing his fitness manifesto at gym somewhere...

  4. that just made me dumber.

    The worst part is people will believe him and they'll just tell more people.

  5. Sounds like Nelson

  6. hehe i am sure happy ur about to be a trainer :-)

    we are all dumber now for reading that

  7. f*ck, what an iddiot, and any one stupid enough to take him on his word, deserves what they get.

    you know for people who just need to get fit- cool no need for ph's or creatine.

    But by the time your advanced enough in this hobby- to pay for a preformance enchancer- solicitating this ****tard for any advice would be suicide.


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