Products like anabeta and myo inhibitors

  1. Products like anabeta and myo inhibitors

    Okay so I've been researching with peptides for a while and right now I'm doing myo inhibitors and it is pretty darn fun but I really want to get back to the light side...well at least between cycles. I've only done one cycle but my injury DESTROYED my gains and then some.

    So now I'm wondering...what are products like anabeta that are out there?

    Has anybody stacked them with things like myo inhibitors? Results?

    I've looked at the logs but damn the results are jumpy...some made HUGE gains and some didn't but nobody (that I saw of) talked about the step by step of their diet. So that could of caused the difference and it also pissed me off.

    I should be more active here...I've missed this forum lol.


    P.S. Yes I am cutting right now and yes I did get the supplements like I said I would.

  2. Bump.

    Getting off ABE in a month and need something like it that acts a nutrient partitioner/test booster.

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