Good Acne Supplments?

  1. Good Acne Supplments?

    just want your guys opinion on what you think are the best OTC acne treatment?

  2. Here are some supps that helped me alot:

    Zinc ~50mg daily
    Digestive Enzymes to every meal(I use Super Enzymes by Now)
    Probiotics (I use 30bil 2 times a day)

    And then drink lots of water and make sure you get to sleep enough

    Good luck ! : )

  3. okay thanks man

  4. Green tea and thyme
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  5. Vitamin B5
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by JonRubio View Post
    Vitamin B5
    Or pantothetic acid.
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  7. Best acne supp is Wipeout. I bought it at www dot stopacnefast dot com. Instead of shrinking the glands like Accutane, it stops oil production, stopping the acne. Stuff works wonders.

  8. Vitex is really good for certain acne situations... but acne being the complex beast, it can be caused by many things. Anyhow, Inhibit-P has proper Mucuna and Vitex content that may help in certain acne cases .
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  9. You don't always want to stop oil production though and that should be used only in persistant cases. My doctor told me a while ago to go on a pill that did just that but instead I opted for a different route. I stopped washing my face with soaps and anti-acne cream and the acne stopped. I found out that washing to much was just causing my face to compensate by producing more oil which in turn lead to more acne.


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