forerunner labs alpha mass /alpha bulk vs. Finaflex stacks

  1. forerunner labs alpha mass /alpha bulk vs. Finaflex stacks

    Hello everyone,

    In the very very early stages of planning my first PH cycle, hoping for maybe the summer if I am where I want to be physically. I am beginning to do some research and two of the companies/products I have come across on these forums as far as Ph's go are the products in the subject line. Which products would be better for a first time user and in general? If i was using FInaflex I would probably go with the 1-alpha 550xd stack and for forerunner of course the alpha mass alpha bulk cycle. ANy user testimonials that might be helpful? Strength/size gains, ability to retain gains during pct? Any info would be very helpful, you can only read so many logs.

    Thanks everyone!

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  3. there are a ton of reviews and logs on the two companies mentioned. also wrong section
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

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