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    Is Pump Spray primarily intended for preworkout purposes? Is it geared more for a good pump before the gym or have any fat burning behind it?

  2. So best run 4 week cycles.

    still don't really get its main benefits....fat loss or ?

    Quote Originally Posted by nicoacademia View Post
    well your pm is full.

    having used 4 bottles of UR spray and 3 bottles into pump spray here's my honest take. others may have better experience with it.

    i was using UR spray prior to Pump spray.
    trying to recall bottle count.
    i think its 4 bottles of UR and 3 bottles of pump spray thus far.

    for me the leaning out effect long plateaued after the 4th week?(i think i'm in week 13 or 14 now.)

    i use 1 bottle every 2 weeks.

    as for pump...i'm not sure. i don't feel pumped.

    but in terms of veins. i definitely have alot more veins visually.

    i feel i'm not what i was before going onto UR/pumpspray- but doesn't mean i needn't put in the hard work.(well at least the magnificient effect fell off after the 4-5th week for me).

    i know that the effect of muscle wasting has lessened alot for me. or could be that i added more carbs back into my diet(cardio athlete).

    not sure what you make of my opinion. it's kind of what i observe.

    i still have another 3 bottles of UR and 5 pump spray. just bought another 2 pump spray. i doubt i'll ever go off pump spray - the reduction of muscle wasting is just too valuable for me(although i would say the effects have plateaued alot)

    and oh yes. i do still put on fat. in the first 4 weeks it seemed impossible. but yes after reality comes back. i doubt i'm making more brown fat(which was one of the many selling points/research suggested too). i get pretty cold still so i know. and my maintenance calories level is still about the same where i know if i eat more than that i will definitely put on.

    i also added the sodium ursolic acetate tablets somewhere in week 9-12.it didn't enhance any effect nor brought me back to the first 4 weeks experience.(i dose pump spray 2x a day. took about 3-4tabs twice daily during that period.)

    so i guess.
    the first 4 weeks of you using any arginine ursolic acetate is awesome. takes about a week to get into your system.
    then like first love. and love that matures it kinda..... plateaus. but you somehow still need it there.

  3. I'll be making my final review soon but what I noticed most as far as effects go is fat loss and increased vascularity.

    The pump was hit or miss for me, some days during my workout I'd get such an intense pump while others not so much.

    I've taken a lot of supplements throughout the years and this def one of my favorite of all time. I'll be taking a month off then grabbing another two bottles.

    I'd also recommend a 4 week cycle at 2 applications a day (2 bottles).

  4. #1 some fat loss / tightening up

    #2 some new veins popping out.

    3# slight pumps.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cainb96 View Post
    #1 some fat loss / tightening up

    #2 some new veins popping out.

    3# slight pumps.
    I agree with 1,2, but not 3 for me. Like the product but I don't feel any difference with the pump. If anything it gives you the appearance of being pumped but not the sensation of it. So when I'm working I notice my veins are noticeably showing more with less effort. So it gives me the look of a pump but not the feeling.



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