Alpha mass/bulk help...royd the noyd.. anyone?

  1. Alpha mass/bulk help...royd the noyd.. anyone?

    I just want to be clear on how to dose this because i been hearing different things. I have 1 bottle of alpha bulk and 2 alpha mass and reboot... looking to keep 8-10lbs of mass. How should i dose the bulk and alpha mass and for how many weeks...any custom charts? thanks..also should i just run the alpha bulk at 4 weeks for 6 caps(cause i only have 1 bottle) and if yes what week should I start it in the cycle. also is it okay to take cycle assist during my cycle i heard it can hinder gains.. i will take it during pct. i got hurtado magic which has homeopathic delivery of androsterone and hgh can i take that during the cycle-there are no sides to it and it helps libido or pct. thanks

  2. also is some DAA in pct good

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