What should I be using?

  1. What should I be using?

    I used to be 175 and I have cut my weight down to 155. I have been working out more and more lately and I have been thinking about getting into some protein and a pre workout. I don't have a set goal on what I'm trying to achieve. I'm not wanting to bulk up all huge, I wanna be more tone. My boss recommended me to get N.O explode and animal paks first.. Can someone help me out and inform me what these would help with? Thank you guys.

  2. Figure out your goals first. Get your diet in line. You can find good priced protein powder online to help supplement your diet. NO explode sucks and you don't really need it at the moment. Animal Pak in my opinion sucks as well. There's better multi vitamins. Check out nutraplanet.com

    Staple supplements I use daily regardless if I'm working is fish oil I pick up from Costco and a multi-vitamin. I might suggest iForce, Orange Triad, or Anavite for multi's. As for whey protein powder, I buy whatever is on sale.

    Figure out your goals in order for us to help.
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  3. Re: What should I be using?

    NO Xplode is a preworkout and in my opinion there are much better options out there.

    Animal pak is a multi vitamin made by universal again I personally feel there are better options out there.

    Lets start with some ideas for staples. These would be a multi vitamin and fish oils.

    A multi vitamin is important to get you necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Some people will say you need them and some will say you don't. Here is my rationale behind it - a multi vitamin wouldn't be necessary if you're getting adequate intake through your diet. The thing is I can almost guarantee that must people are not getting proper nutrients with their diet. Which is why I recommend a multi.

    Recommended multi -
    Controlled Labs Orange Triad.
    There is another aor orthocare or something like that you'll have to pm coop and ask him about that one.

    There are quite a few different fish oils I get mine from Costco lol.

    A good protein.

    Creatine should most definitely be a staple. There are tons of benefits to this supplement. I personally would go with monohydrate.

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