Any supplements that will make my mom less of a bitch?

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  1. Bull semen. Straight from the bull. I dunno how old Momma is but there are a few products out there for menopaus (spellcheck) support. Could be what's goins on.
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  2. Im at work and this thread just had me laughing my ass off from the title where people came over asking wtf is going on!
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  3. She's 59 years old, doesn't drink, smoke, and refuses to take anything prescription!! And she's got me ready to jump out a window haha!!
  4. Re: Any supplements that will make my mom less of a bitch?

    The notebook, Ben and Jerry's and some alone time to cry about where she went wrong... That usually does the trick.


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  5. Da fuq I just read?

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by snagencyV2.0
    you must think this is


  7. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    For you, not her. I had to LOL when I read the title. I've often pondered what supp would make my mother less prone to drama, portrayals of victimization, bitterness, etc but I think the best one, hands down, has to be DISTANCE. Hence I work with animals in remote places.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    I think the best one, hands down, has to be DISTANCE.
    wanna alleviate mom's stress?
    move the hell out of her house and stop whining about her.

    win all around.


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