New guy need advice

  1. New guy need advice

    I am 34 recently had reconstructive surgery on my shoulder. Put on some fat around the gut. Any advice on good supplements to block estrogen and burn fat. I run 3-5 miles a day mon-fri.

  2. Erase and Alpha T2 from PES. I don't work for them or anything but those are outstanding products

  3. EC stack for burning fat.

    It explains it there. I would say adding EGCG and Reduce-XT for cortisol (to lower stress fat) to avoid also catabolism from that much cardio...and a good diet should be good enough.

    If an estrogen blocker is needed then I would say either Formeron (topical Formestene) or Erase (suicidal oral steroidal AI). Both are really good for lowering estrogen and also giving that "dry" look people like.
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  4. ECY or Alphamine.
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  5. Liquid Formadrol contains 2-phenyl-benzo{h}-chromen-4-one "BENZO" which one of the strongest natural aromatase inhibitors. Aromatase is the enzyme that creates estrogen. AIs are taken to either block the action of estrogen on receptors or block the production of estrogen. Liquid Formadrol can help increase test levels and reduce estrogen.
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