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    Hi Guys, I just got the stack and need some help with dosing and figured this would be the best place to ask them since the stack didnt come with directions only whats on each bottle. What I got from searching I should take...
    2 stoked caps in the am & preworkout (ill be lifting in the evening)
    2 glyco caps with a 50+ carb meal (do I do this twice a day or just once? and matter what times?)
    2 testo caps twice 12 hours apart (does it matter what times? i saw someone waking up in the middle of the night to take it)

    Also for my body would it be beneficial to start with 1 cap for a dosage for a few days to let it be introduced and I'm assuming I keep the schedule with off days

  2. 2 Stoked and 2 TestoPRO in the AM

    2 Stoked Pre work out

    2 TestoPRO 12 hours after the first dose

    You can take 1-2 Glycobol when you eat +50g of carbs depending on how long you want to spread it out.

    Regardless if it is meant to be used in conjunction with other products or not you just follow the instructions on the bottle.

  3. ok thanks

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