CHristmas/new years sales??

  1. CHristmas/new years sales??

    DOes the planet and other sites like it normally have christmas or new years sales similar to black firday stuff??

    If so, definitely gonna put a hold on any other supp orders until then lol!

  2. Wouldn't say they're generally quite as good but definitely deals to be had if you look around

  3. trying to think back...........but, i recall Nutra having a super nice sale around Christmas/New Year's.......many items to choose from.

  4. IIRC, NP had an exclusive 1 week sale for the entire last week of December (Dec 26th - 31st)

  5. Nutraplanet always has a big New Years sale.

  6. Yeah, I can't really remember them having a big Christmas sale, I think they usually save it for a New Year's Blowout. Take advantage of all the resolutions
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