TwinLab Bloodpressure Control Log

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  1. TwinLab Bloodpressure Control Log

    After starting my 1test/OHT/4AD stack, my blood pressure and pulse were elevated quite a bit higher than normal. Usually Im around 118/60 with a pulse of around 65. 2 weeks into my cycle I was pushing 145/80 with a pulse of 85. Weather it was due to the androgens in my system or a sudden increase in water weight, Im not sure. I decided to try out TwinLab's Blood Pressure Control to see how effective it could be to control blood pressure while on androgenic hormones.

    This is my first day of use, Ill check my blood pressure everyday and post up the results for those interested.


  2. Keep us informed. What's in it?


  3. You may want to add celery to your diet as celery seed helps with blood pressure.

  4. Ive thought about that bro, but I wanted to see if this product works the way Ive heard it does. So, Im going to leave the celery seed extract out for a bit and try to gauge the results.

    Keep us informed. What's in it?

    C12 peptide. Its a casein derivative that's been proven to lower blood pressure in a few clinical trials. Most reports Ive read on it are very positive.


  5. Day 1
    145/80 pulse 77

  6. Day 2

    149/70 Pulse 70

  7. Thanks for this log, Big Vrunga!

  8. Your welcome! Its still to early to see if the product is having an effect, but it does seem that my pulse is consistently lower.

    I found this link on androgen receptors and cardiac tissue:

    It's conclusion is something that we all pretty much know already, but its an interesting read.

    I wonder if strong androgens can cause the heart to contract harder, pushing blood through the circulatory system with more force?


  9. I know that Hawthorne Berry takes about 4-8 weeks to start having a noticable effect, so it may just be a matter of time.

  10. We'll see...have you ever used Hawthorn Berry?

    Day 3

    137/77 Pulse 80

  11. I use Hawthorne Berry year-round, after having BP blowups on M1T.

  12. What was your BP before the M1T use? Did it normalize after your stopped using it? What is it now that you take Hawthorn Berry? How much do you take a day?

    I never checked my blood pressure the last time I used prohormones, but Im assuming it was high then too. I got serious about monitoring my BP after I learned that nearly everyone has it on my Mom's side of the family.

    Im going to have to give Hawthorn Berry a try after this trial is over...thanks Brodus!


  13. Got stats at home, will post the office late tonight

    But yes, it definitely helped.

  14. Day 4

    135/72 Pulse 82

  15. Day 5
    125/78 Pulse 74

    Check it out - Systolic has dropped nearly 25mm/Hg in the past 4 days!

    I should mention that each posted reading is the average of 4 tests - 2 on each arm while seated and at rest.


  16. Wow...I'll definately be looking into that

  17. Impressive results if they stay put. Are you still currently on your 1test/OHT/4AD stack?


  18. Yes, this is my 4th week.

  19. Absolutely unbelieveable! I never see any measurable results in BP for at least two weeks or so using Hawthorne (I don't take it all the time)... Very intersting!

  20. Check out this PubMed blurb on C12 peptide:

    Im also surprised it seems to be working so fast, but its the only thing Ive changed from my daily food and supplement intake. My BP has been elevated for the past 3 weeks. Ive read anecdotal reviews around the web that said it worked really well and fairly quickly. Looks like they werent kidding!

    Just curious - what was your BP before and after hawthorn?


  21. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga

    Just curious - what was your BP before and after hawthorn?
    On my last (and probably my last of all time) cycle of M1T, my BP got really high - all the way up to 152/82 - I was getting headaches, etc. I started taking Hawthorne, and within a 5 week period (M1T cycle over 2 weeks into that 5 week period), my blood pressure got back into my "normal" range 121/79... I'm not sure how much of that I could attribute to the hawthorne, or how much of it was just from being off of M1T, but I figured the hawthorne didn't hurt. I usually take hawthorne while "on" anyway, and I always do after a cycle.

    I'm going to give this TwinLabs product a go at some point in the future and see if it affects me the same... Keep us posted on your results!

  22. Day 6

    Missed this reading sorry guys...

  23. Day 7

    129/72 Pulse 74

  24. Day 10

    130/70 Pulse 80

    BP as been a consistant 125-130 over 70 for the past 3 days. Im conviced that the Blood Pressure control is doing its thing. While it wasnt a proper scientific experiment with controls and whatnot, my blood pressure when from Level 1 Hypertension to Normal while on the same diet/supplements/hormones over the course of a week.

    I have 5 days of it left, Ill keep taking readings until Im out. Ill be nearly a week into PCT then, Ill keep reading BP and see if there are any changes without the C12 peptide.


  25. Are taking the reccomended dose of two caps twice daily?


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