T3 and Nutrient Partitioning

  1. T3 and Nutrient Partitioning

    Finally desided to register and start posting here. I've been reading these forums for a long time. I'm still learning, but there was no real place for this, so I made my own thread.

    People generally think of T3/T4/Trimax for cutting purposes, for obvious reasons. But it has inherent nutrient partitioning effects, so wouldn't this be idea for Adding muscle. Logic dictates that it wouldn't, but what if caloric intake was spiked extremely high? Maybe an expert can chim in here.

    I'm working on what I should do for the winter months. Something that has always been on my mind would be running Trimax + eatting a very large ammount of calories, expecially protein, per day. It sounds on the surface that this should work, but I am most likely not understanding it fully. Any thoughts on this?


  2. In theory it sounds like a good idea, but it really depends on the specific effects T3 has on metabolism. Just because it increases calorie expenditure in muscle as well as throughout the body causing catabolism on a calorie deficit, doesn't necessarily mean it can increase the speed or efficiency of anabolism. If it can in some way accelerate the muscle repair process than it could be beneficial, especially in conjunction androgens. I'd definitely like to hear more if someone has a more solid understanding of T3's mechanisms though..

  3. There is also evidence that thyroid hormones can have rapid, non-genomic effects on membrane receptors independent of protein synthesis. These include stimulation of sugar transport, Ca2+ATPase activity and increased Na+ transport in muscle. The receptors for these effects have not been identified.
    I think this is what we are looking for. Not certain what type of effect that would achieve overall.

  4. My buddy has done a few magazine ads and **** like that (cant mention his name) so hes pretty big. He said in his bulking stage, all he eats in ground turkey hamburgers as his protein source when hes bulking and he eats that about 10X a day. I asked him how he does it, he said he takes T3 all year round.

  5. SO what do you think this dose would be?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Brodus
    SO what do you think this dose would be?
    That I have no idea, talking about juicing when your doing magazines is playing with fire. He doesnt tell me mgs.

  7. From SS's bloodwork, It couldn't total more then what 6mgs of Trimax would give. But I'd like to get a little more information here. It's obvious that T3 with roids can give impressive results.
  8. Question

    How effective would T-3 be on a Prop cycle? 150mg of Prop EOD for 5-6 weeks? My buddy wants to run just prop but wouldnt mind the extra fat shedding possibilities of adding in some T-3.

    I have heard of people taking low doses like 12.5mcg's or 25mcg's for long periods but I was unassured if that would even have any benefit. Sounds like it could be a waste?

    any info would be much appreciated.

    Carry On The Chaos
  9. Cool

    Bump for info!


    Carry On The Chaos


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