Favorite Flavor of Protein

  1. Favorite Flavor of Protein

    What is your favorite flavor of protein? What is in your kitchen right now? I would say my favorite would be Rocky Road by Muscle Gauge Nutrition.

  2. Chocolate Ultimate Flurry is sitting in my pantry atm and its quite tasty (especially with milk) but my favorite so far has been Trutein Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. I'm a huge chocolate fan.
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  3. Rocky Road or Cookies and Cream are my favorites. Currently I got ON Rocky Road 100% Whey Gold

  4. I haven't gotten tired of Vanilla Mint Swirl (Shamrock Shake) yet. So I guess VMS would be my favorite....

    In my kitchen right now?

    Strawberry Cremesicle
    Vanilla Mint Swirl
    PROnom23 Chocolate
    XF Banana Creme

    on way:
    Chocolate Truffle
    Red Velvet Cake
    Core "Peanut Butter Ice Cream"

  5. Red Velvet Cake Protean/XF UP 2.0 lemon cream pie
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  6. ON Carmel toffee fudge or trutein chocolate cover banana/ cinnabun. Right now have trutein peanut butter cup

  7. Quote Originally Posted by baldwanus View Post
    Red Velvet Cake Protean/XF UP 2.0 lemon cream pie
    Red velvet cake sounds awesome

  8. ice cream sandwhich..whey 2 build and muscle gauge
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  9. red velvet and vanilla mint swirl protean are both great in my opinion, although the vanilla cupcake is the more common staple for me.

    also liking XF U.P 2.0 lemon cream pie and core pro PB ice cream, surprised by how good it was
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  10. Vanilla Mint Swirl Protean for sure... I like PROnom 23 chocolate cupcake batter too
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by baldwanus View Post
    Red Velvet Cake Protean/XF UP 2.0 lemon cream pie
    Wow! They have a red velvet cake flavor? That has to be totally tasty! I know a lot of people who would go bonkers for red velvet. Personally, i prefer regular chocolate or cake batter.

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  12. Protizyme peanut butter cookie, but the stuff is too expensive at regular price. Would love to find a good cake batter flavor. I tried ON and thought there's was terrible.

  13. Muscle gauge is the best tasting protein I've tried that's not full of other garbage. I usually stick with chocolate. But the new cookie flavor is good, and to my surprise actually has small chunks of cookies in it.

  14. Dymatize Mint Chocolate Chip & Buttercream Toffee
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  15. Chocolate (carnivore)

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  16. syntha6 - ice cream tastes awsome..
    but i normaly go for cheapest or best deals

  17. Banana Cream Trutein.

    PROTEAN: Vanilla Mint Swirl/RVC

    all i need from protein

  19. Vanilla Trutein!


  20. iForce Strawberry Creamsicle for me!
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  21. I just got a sample on NLA Recover-D Chocolate Eclair... New favorite for sure!
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