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  1. Question MN Accelerant

    Trying to look for reviews but havent found too much. Looks like a decent, affordable product -- Any thoughts?

  2. Pretty awful profile, among the worst I've ever seen. The only well-dosed ingredient is caffeine.

    From october:

    Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    I'd rather not dissect the formula, but everything except caffeine and banaba is grossly underdosed. That is a fact since the effective doses of all other ingredients are smaller than the size of the blends they are in, and the product only recommends 1 serving a day. And the banaba isn't even standardized for the proper constituents (xanthine oxidase inhibitors) based on the directions of taking it on an empty stomach with a product containing caffeine. Anyway, I don't want to totally trash the product, but it won't do much of anything outside of appetite suppression due to caffeine. Well, I'd even scratch that, since Banaba is an appetite stimulant.
    Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Also, sulbutiamine and zingerone put this nowhere near 1,3. Megadosing (1.2g+) sulbutiamine may provide a stimulant-like elevation in drive/motivation, but 1,3 DMAA is a potent releasing agent whereas the only stimulant in Accelerant is caffeine.

    The dose of adaptogens in the formula is about 1/30th what the combined effective doses of ashwaganda + bacopa would be. As for a "very high" dose, it's about 1/50th of that.

    At the end of the day, the product is a jack of all trades and a master of none. A simple caffeine + rauwolscine HCl formula, dosed properly (300mg/20mg daily), would blow this out of the water in all regards.

  3. Considering the owner I am surprised the formula isn't better

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