biorythem afterglow, wtf?

  1. biorythem afterglow, wtf?

    my told me about this 167 balls for 31 servings. look at the profile. didnt see anthing special.
    all in agrement this product is a rip?

    yay or nay

  2. Could be a rip, but taste really good.

    and 800mg of phosphatidylserine isn't cheap either.

  3. Pass, not worth the price. Get some bulk PS or caps for cheaper and mix in your own protein and carbs. I tried a sample, it tasted fine but I didn't notice anything impressive.

  4. i cant belive they try and charge that much

  5. The phosphatidylserine dose is great (and one major reason it costs so much), but seeing as I've never seen greater than a 50% PS product on the market, I'd be wary. The rest is junky

  6. Watermelon tastes incredible, the price is unreasonable. Also, I don't see the point in dosing Cissus post workout.


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