sustain alpha

  1. sustain alpha

    anyone know of a good substitute for this?

  2. You can get topical resveratrol in Prototype Nutrition's R-Spray.
    PEScience Representative

  3. Not a lot of people seem to realize that AMS' Arom-X has the exact same ingredients.

    How the sublingual favors against SA's Topical Delivery is the real question.

    I loved Topical Sustain, for how it made me feel. Didn't do much for libido, and looking back I'd say it played a big part in me Quiting smoking.

  4. Same with T-911 with the addition of yohimbine. Arom X looks way underdosed I think SA had 100 mg of Res and 75 mg 7,8 With Arom X you would need 4 pills to get the same Res and are still getting 15 mg less 7,8 which kind of sucks and makes it less cost effective. 911 is a prop so who knows there but I do like that the 7,8 is the first ingredient listed.

    This isn't even taking into consideration that the transdermal is probably more effective.

    The closest you can get is probably T-911 or Arom X with some topical R thrown in.

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