Taking creatine mono ..

  1. Taking creatine mono ..

    Is it fine taking my creatine mono post workout with my protein shake? Or should I mix it separate with grape juice?? And take it 7 days a week???

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  2. How many different threads you going to make about creatine? Seriously you have got more help in the last day about creatine then you even need.
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  3. THrow it in your shake post workout is fine.

  4. Because 40 different ppl say different things...

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  5. Hey man just want to take thus **** the right way, not trying to be annoying

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by BPjohn123 View Post
    THrow it in your shake post workout is fine.
    This. I've seen plenty of ppl tell you this. Take 3-5 grams. That's all you need to know.
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  7. You can take it any time of the day, most people prefer pre/post training... But honestly it doesn't matter.
    5g is usually the go to #.
    Sometimes i go as high as 10g a day, just make sure u stay hydrated.

    Just stick to 5g for yourself 1st.
    Also taking it with water is fine, some people like grape juice or anything with sugar in it.
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