How long does tyrosine extend the appetite suppression of EC?

  1. How long does tyrosine extend the appetite suppression of EC?

    This post is aimed at people who have actually personally tried the combination of l-tyrosine and EC.

    I've heard many times that l-tyrosine can "reactivate" or intensify the appetite suppression of EC without increasing sides, but I find it strange that l-tyrosine isn't being used by much more people. If the combination is as synergistic as I've been led to believe, why hasn't the EC stack become the ECT stack, especially since tyrosine is so cheap and readily available?

    Those are just rhetorical questions. Here's what I really want to know. In your personal and subjective experience, how much longer does the appetite suppressant effect of EC last while taking tyrosine? 1 week, 2 weeks, a month, forever? Does it intensify the appetite suppression when you first start taking a cycle of EC, or does it only bring back the appetite suppression after it disappears around the 2 week point? Overall, do you feel that the tyrosine was a worthwhile addition?

    Please don't just say that l-tyrosine is cheap and relatively safe so I should just "Buy it and try it". I want to hear how it worked for YOU, and more importantly, for how long. I understand that it will vary from person to person. Thanks

  2. I used acetyl-l-tyrosine with EC 2 or 3 years ago... cant remember the impact exactly. I would always take them at the same time and I could tell whether I added it or not but never tried it after the suppression faded in an acute or long term scenario. I also remember that the first few times i took them together it was too much for me. It was a while ago though so i can't really give you any more details than that. Good luck.

  3. Tyrosine doesn't suppress my appetite at all...Tried it before with different products but not really with the EC stack. EC by itself is good for appetite suppression...but if you really want major appetite suppression you can't go wrong with ECY. Yohimbine-HCL added to it, can really make you a pro faster, or master of self control...Every time I really need to get back into the discipline of dieting to a certain caloric allotment, it is my go-to stack.

    Question, what spiked the need or wish to use tyrosine?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  4. Yeah I agree.

    Never noticed much of a appetite suppression benefit from L-tyrosine....I more noticed a "more intense kick"

    I know lots of guys who when they cycle off of E, just add L-tyrosine. I thought it had some effect on norephedrine even without the Bronkaid. I thought Lyle McDonald did that....

    Btw, I stay on ec stack for as long as I's been shown to continue to work appetite wise and metabolism wise even while one 72+ weeks. I usually throw in some Keto though to keep it feeling awesome

  5. Tyrosine would act as a very mild dopamine pro-drug. It wouldn't potentiate EC per se, but since EC causes catecholamine release at the nerve terminal, and since tyrosine is a far-upstream precursor to catecholamines, it could theoretically increase net release and intensify, but not extend, the appetite suppression of EC.



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