Cranes Bill Extract?

  1. Cranes Bill Extract?

    Does anyone no what this is exactly?

    It takes the place of 1,3 Dymeth, in some Pre workout supps, is it comparable to 1,3 or is it "weaker"?

    I have read that some say you will notice no difference between the 2...

    Just wondering your guys thoughts on this...

    "Victory is Reserved for those willing to pay its price"

    Victory is reserved for those willing to pay its price

  2. Never heard of it, but if it's the crane's bill plant I know it is in the Geranium family so it might have the same compound. Genus name is Pelargonium. "Stork's Bill" is also in the Geranium family, Genus Erodium, and is a common weed all over the West.

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