So here's the story. My Dad was wild and crazy when he young and contracted Hep C from sharing needles. Thankfully he has been clean for 30 years but the virus has done a number on his immune system, liver and spleen. He has an enlarged spleen and his liver obviously in poor shape. He has done several rounds of Btw, he is only 56 years old. Anyways he went to the doctor today to see if he needed his spleen removed but they said it was not that enlarged just yet and they would have to keep an eye on it. The only experience I have with liver support is from researching for PH cycles. He currently takes a Multi, Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, Effexor (anti-depressant), Trezadone (sleep aid), and Aleve.

So my question is: what should he be taking? He is not going to take more than 2-3 things and if there is blend that would be even better. I know there are better options than Milk thistle alone (such as TUDCA) but not sure what would be best in the case of Hep C? He needs something he can take daily and that will not interfere with sleep or his anti-depressant. Any info would be greatly appreciated.