PCT: Toremifene Citrate
3 days 120mg
4 days 90mg
14 days 60mg
7 days 30mg

PCT support: BPI Sports A-HD
1 cap a day for 28 days

I am currently on a PH cycle. I have been researching for 9 months prior to starting my cycle but am always looking for better/updated information.

My question is: Is the Toremifene Citrate + A-HD enough for a GOOD PCT after a cycle or is there something else i should include?
Should i add any supports (like cycle assist)?
Priority for me: Health>Not getting gyno>Sustaining Gains

I have seen that D- aspartic acid should be included, but would that be to much?

I am on Kilo Sports Trenadrol; 17b-methoxy-trienbolone at 30 mg. 60 caps in the bottle. i take 1 cap in the morning and 1 cap 45 minutes before i work out. If you are interested in the full information of my cycle just search "Trenadrol Cycle" in the little search bar.