Supps on TRT

  1. Supps on TRT

    I'm on TRT...was just wondering if anyone could throw out a few "staple" supps I should be taking? I have Whey, multi, pre-workout so far.

    I take it things like Triazole are pretty worthless on TRT?


  2. Anyone?

  3. You won't need anything for physical gains, so watch your diet and enjoy the results. For increased endurance and power, I would highly recommend Citrulline. Maybe look into some noots to round out how good you feel physically.

    I imagine you are a little older if you are on TRT, so stinging nettle or a prostate blend with saw palmetto is a good addition also.

  4. I'm 24 actually.

  5. whats the best pre workout out now for endurance, strength? what about post workout?



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