will ephedrine show up in a drug test?

  1. will ephedrine show up in a drug test?

    so i started the EC stack, took 16mg of ephedrine today, first and only time.. and about 45 mins after i did .. i got a call for work about a drug test.. i know it can be a false positive.. how long does this stuff stay in your system, i have read 2~4 days but i am still not sure.. has anyone had this issue before?

  2. I would stop it as early as possible.. your job is far more important than 1 pound of fat.

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  3. ya i am not going to use it untill i have the test done.. im just worried now that it could ruin my chance.. over 16mg .. i am going to tell them prior to the testing :\

  4. Ephedrine may show up with a false positive for methamphetamines.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

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