about EAS myoplex plus MRP

  1. about EAS myoplex plus MRP

    Would using myoplex as a post work out shake be okay ? or is eas myoplex slow absorbing cuz i know it has caseinate in it and it also has whey in it, i think can someone give me feedback. If its not that good then im thinking about just take 1 scoop of optimum protein shake and then a MRP after or something like that. any ideas?

  2. don't use MRP's they tend to be expensive and real whole food is much much better
    and yes use whey after your workout, but i'd take 2 scoops of optimum whey not one

  3. Grab 2 scoops of whey, throw some ground cinammon for flavoring, 20 oz of water, one cup of oats, and crushed ice in a blender and voila, a cheap PW meal.

  4. Your immediate post work out shake needs to be 1 part whey/2 parts FAST ACTING carbs. Dextrose or maltodextrine are used most often. An hour after your PWO shake, you should eat a solid carb/protein meal. MRP's are used in place of a solid meal. I think they should only be used occasionally. Solid food's really the best.

  5. I agree with the rest of the guys. Stay away from MRPs if you can. First of all, there are 1000 recipes to make your own that are better than ones you buy. Second, as everyone mentioned, whole foods are a much better option.

    bump for JBlake's advice. People tend to forget to get FAST acting carbs in after a workout. Then use lowr GI carbs in your meal (brown rice, sweet pototos or oats, whatever)



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