Best workout for running and conditioning training

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by gokix811 View Post
    Tangy tangerine is tasty. It's my current intra.
    Is it good, do you like it and do you "feel" anything from it?

  2. As mentioned above by a few posters, Citrulline Malate works very well for endurance. I use 8 grams pre-workout and it definitely helps minimize fatigue. Two other supps I have used before and have found work well for eudrance/cardio have been Icariin and Cordyceps. The key with Icariin and Cordyceps is finding good high quality extracts and dialing in the correct dose for your particular needs.

  3. Sir, you def want to use Cordygen 5 or similar Cordygen product without a doubt. This will reduce fatigue, increase your "wind" or breathing capacity and should make the run far less stressful and tiring on your system. Runners apparently have been using this for some time with great success. I hate to run but using this product actually makes jogging, dare I say, FUN! This product worked from day one for me and works so
    well that I run far longer that I schedule.

  4. Since I started on this forum, I have not had 1 day without MST's cordygen whether it be c5, citruvol, cre02, or v02 ultra, I have used every single day.

    Tremendous products

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by alwaysfirst View Post
    Have anybody tried Compete from iForce? The profile looks pretty good.
    definitely a solid option. it's a great option for any endurance athletes/training, crossfit, weight training, you name it. 2 forms of carnitine, aminos from whey hydrolysate, properly dosed electrolytes. plus the flavors are awesome too
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  6. Hi Saggy

    I’m an ultra distance runner, don’t know much about the supplements you bb guy’s use but have some knowledge with regards to running.

    For the distance you are running most of us would just ensure we have eaten some simple carbs about an hour or so before, I just have a couple pieces of toast. The most popular way of getting a little bit of a lift is caffeine taken about five minutes before the race in gel or liquid form.

    I know this may not sound the most high tec way of fuelling but it’s still the most popular even when a race may cover several days there’s not a great deal off supplement use, it’s really all about trying to keep as many carbs in the body as possible.

  7. Betaine anhydrous
    Citrulline malate
    Beets and Beet root juice for nitrates. Eat more spinach.
    Beta alanine

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  8. I second MST's codygen products. I've only used Cordygen5, its an amazing product. Its really cheap right now on NP too, I'm not doing any conditioning until late winter/early spring, but I am going to pick up 2-3 bottles next order to stock up just because of the low price.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    My unit makes us ran a 5k at the end of each month. id rather have my nuts kicked repeatedly. I take low dose pre's prior tp my runs

    half a dose of RPM

    or ErgoPump by ergogenix, I am a huge fan of CM and it plays a big role in end. Like coops said SNS CM is a great addition. Anywho I went from running a 30 min 5k down to about 25 this yr. which for me is enormous considering I run very rarely during the week. I also use these aforementioned products when I go surfing which typically lasts 4 ish hours or until i get hungry as hell

    good luck with your training and let us know what you used. Im always up for changes as well
    What unit? I feel your pain brother, we rock a 4.9 miler every Monday and Friday. Ruck run that b!tch on Thursday too!


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