AnaBeta Elite plus Forskolin redundent?

  1. AnaBeta Elite plus Forskolin redundent?

    About to start my stack of AnaBeta Elite, Erase Pro and Alphamine... i have a bottle of Forskolin laying around... is it redundant and/or overkill to take it as it is a main ingredient in AB?
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  2. There is no need to add forskolin.
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  3. It is beneficial up to about 150mg forskolin daily.

  4. I like high doses of Forskolin and if you can tolerate the higher doses think that it is worth the addition (but not a necessity).

  5. You could either add a little to AnaBeta Elite to get a high dose per day, or save it for when you are off ABE as forskolin is not something that I feel needs to be cycled off of very often
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  6. I have had good results without having to dose too high. I would personally save it.


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