Anyone use True Protein? (Not trutein)

  1. Anyone use True Protein? (Not trutein)

    Decided to look for a wholesale protein company since whey prices keep going up and good deals are hard to find.

    I came across a company called True Nutrition, they offer amazing prices on different types of protein and let you choose your flavor and mix different ratios of different protein types.

    It looks like everyone's dream come true; but the company seems to have been around for several years and I can hardly find any reviews about the taste/quality of the proteins.

    Any of you guys have experience with this company? is it worth it?

    I'm thinking of ordering a 1lb just to test it out and do a review on it. Will probably do 2x flavoring chocolate either 100% whey or 75% whey 25% casein.

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  3. ummm..what?

  4. They are good but shipping makes it ridiculously over-priced.

  5. They are ok. Their prices when factoring in shipping, etc are ridiculous. And I was never a fan of their flavoring.

    I have another site I do bulk buys from. PM if interested.

  6. Oh wow, yeah I just checked it out, shipping for a 1lb container is about $10.

    Really sucks seeing how much these companies charge for shipping. Especially when you work for a major shipping company and know just what kind of discount they give to online retailers.

  7. True Protein (True Nutrition now) is actually a great freakin site....if you have the money.

    I've bought many lbs of protein from them before but only when I have a little extra $$$$.

    To be honest, this board is full of dudes know don't know much about ingredients and will take expensive proprietary blends just because they read hype. I've always been a very logical thinker who likes to find out exactly what works with my body and likes to try new products with QUALITY ingredients.

    For example, if you want to try something other than carb-filled protein and want to try some egg white or hydrolyzed whey or maybe some Peptro Pro or even Gemma Pea Protein Isolate (good price, similar amino profile when compared to Whey).....True Protein is awesome.

    Same thing with pre-workouts...tooo many dudes post on here sayin "what's a pre-WO with agmatine, beta alanine, creatine, aakg,etc ,etc".
    Go to true protein or find some bulk powders and build one yourself.

  8. If you get enough protein the shipping isn't such a big deal, and factor in that their prices are so much lower than prop blends etc, it's a good deal.

    Case and point, I bought 6 individuel pounds of the pea/brown rice/hemp protein blend (w/ protease complex) because I wanted to try different flavors - shipping included it was like $50.

    Btw, peanut butter chocolate is AWESOME. Strawberry shortcake is good too.

    Can't beat it.
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  9. I have been a customer of TP/TN for the past year. I used to use a really good protein powder blend that was good for all round usage and stayed with that company for years until they started getting bigger and started to change the formula, presumably to keep costs down as protein prices were starting to increase dramatically. I finally realized that they had changed their blend when I noticed I was getting bloat and stomach uspet from the same powder I had been using for years. I looked at the ingredients list and realzed that certain cheaper components were now the majority part of the blend so at that point I became was quite disappointed. I then tried a few different brands but had no luck. Eventually I came across TP/TN and decided to make my own blend to match the profile/ratio of the original powder I used to use. So far so good and the quality has been top notch. With TP/TN you have to buy in bulk in order to really realize any savings and thats not a problem for me since I try to buy my protein powder 20+ pounds at a time in order to save on shipping. What sucks for me is that I have to pay sales tax for TP/TN orders since I live in CA. But in the end its not that bad and I get a protein blend that is customized for me based on my personal needs. One thing to keep in mind is that with TP/TN, when you buy 1 pound of protein, you get 1 pound of protein which is then flavored (or not) depending on your needs. When you buy premade blends, the weight you are getting includes the flavoring. Also some of their bulk raws are really cheap if you buy 1kg or more. On a side note they have a sister company that manufactures products for many of the fancy brand names.

  10. People who like them are people who like to create there own custom complex blends.

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  11. I order from them in order to get a simple blend with no additives and light natural flavoring. Too many over priced and over hyped powders loaded with too many additives and artificial flavorings nowadays.If I'm on a budget I just buy the 10lbs bags of NOW whey protein isolate natural unflavored.


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