Just got ephedrine HCL for cut

  1. Just got ephedrine HCL for cut

    Ok guys. I just got my Ephedrine HCL in the mail today, and want to start on an E/C/A as soon as wednesday. Could someone respond here with a sticky somewhere that would tell me everything I need to know about this. I know they're out there, but I've been checking a few boards and the only dcent one I found was kinda outdated. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Many people just use the E/C and exclude the asprin. 25mg E and around 200 mg caffeine, 4 times a day. Always worked great for me. Can't find which exact thread for this though sorry, but believe this is what many will recommend.

  3. The basics of the ECY stack

    The basics are there. You can amend the yohimbine HCL for the aspirin, though the aspirin isn't needed.

  4. It's true that aspirin is not needed to get the thermogenic response with an EC stack. I believe the aspirin is added to slow the down-regulation of the beta 2 receptors. Anyone who has used an EC stack for an extended period knows that the standard 25mg/200mg loses some of it's effect after a few weeks, so you either have to cycle off or up the dosage to get the same results. The aspirin just buys you a little more time in the effective window. So, aspirin is not necessary, but you may want to add it if you want to use the stack for more than a couple of weeks.


  5. The positive effects of a slight metabolism increase, nutrient repartioning, and appetite supression are still in effect even though the "kick" of a typical CNS stim isn't present anymore (CNS tolerance). IMO one doesn't necessarily need to cycle off for a long time (months even) to keep receiving the benefits, unless one of the desired benefits is the actual stimulatory feeling.



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