Mutant Mass + Bcaa mega caps

  1. Mutant Mass + Bcaa mega caps

    Hello ppl. Mutant Mass gainer + Bcaa mega caps amino acid is it save is it any good ?
    how to use it in combination
    i like to gain mussles i work hard and the amino is for faster recovery i guess..
    Is this ok ? Thanks...

  2. Mass gainers are typically filled with sugar, this is why I make my own hi-calorie protein shake. If you already have then might as well use it, pre or post workout would be the best times. As far as the aminos, those can be beneficial between meals to provide nutrients and also post workout would be perfect.

    I make my own mass shake:
    50g whey
    1 banana
    2 tblsp of peanut butter
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  3. agreed....marketed gainers arent worth the money spent vs making your own. i use aminos through out the day but mostly pre/intra/post. i also train fasted.
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