What is the difference between Slo-Niacin and No-Flush Niacin? I heard the latter is not able to improve HDL noticeably. The Slo-Niacin i was looking at comes from Upsher-Smith and what confuses me is the following notice on the box:

Slo-Niacin Tablets Are Manufactured Utilizing A Unique, Patented Polygel Controlled-Release Delivery System. This Exclusive Technology Assures The Gradual and Measured Release of Niacin (Nicotinic Acid) and Is Designed to Reduce The Incidence of Flushing and Itching Commonly Associated With Niacin Use.

Another question concerns the dosage. I read that niacin has to be dosed high to be effective for HDL improvement but then could lead to side effects (liver inflammation?). So what is the best dosage of niacin (effective and still safe) and does it matter at which time of day it is taken?