Aspirin, preworkout with craze?

  1. Aspirin, preworkout with craze?

    Hey guys

    I some times have headakes, and i wonderd if it would be ok to take an aspirin before working out?

    Would it be a problem to take within the same hour of taking, creatine, craze, beta-alanine?


  2. Do they happen pretty often? Could be you're dehydrated and those are not going to make things better if you're not drinking enough water.
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  3. Thanks for the advice. Yes i drink plente of water, its actually the only liquid that i drink during the day untill i each dinner. In about dinner time i start consuming Craze with water preworkout, Creatine with water preworkout, Beta-alanine with water.

    Craze is in 300ml water
    Creatine - Betaalanine is with 500ml water

    After the workout i drink plenty of milk.

    I always kinda try to figure out why i have the headaces when they appear, drinking alot of water, consuming some carbs, even taking a nap. I actually think the problem was due to muscle tension in the traps

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