pycnogenol + acetyl l-carnitine issues

  1. pycnogenol + acetyl l-carnitine issues


    I am not a body builder but I took pycnogenol (100mg) for 5 years without issue. Last year I added 250mg Acetyl L-Carnitine from a major supplier and 400 IU of Vitamin E. It was really good for performance in bed. Also mild peyronie's, gone. These are moderate-low doses of these supplements. OK, so I started using an old bottle of ALCAR 2 weeks ago I noticed I felt odd. Emotional. I stopped taking the Acetyl L-Carnitine and continued with pycnogenol. I felt okay. Then I added that ALCAR again for 1 day and my nipples started to hurt. I stopped taking everything and I have like no libido. I feel okay otherwise. I have done some research (which I should have done before I went on supplements) and Pycnogenol appears to act as a AI (very weak one).

    Would taking the ALCAR + pyc for so long hurt chances of a recovery? I have average size testicles. They hurt a little bit 2 weeks ago and then stopped hurting. I used DHT blocker for 2 months more than a decade ago, discontinued because I got in a car crash, did not notice side effects from the dht blocker at that time. I have had mild erectile dysfunction since my 20s.

    I think the best course of action is to go to the doctor and get a script for cialis and ask for some lab tests and a referral to an endo. What should I look for?


  2. I dont think the doses of either supplements you are taking are going to cause a noticeable physiological effect, negative or positive
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  3. I agree with Natty. I currently use both with no issues. You may have underlying issues that need the attention of a Dr.

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