Formestane possibly skewing lab results on T levels

  1. Formestane possibly skewing lab results on T levels

    First off this is my first post after spending some time on another forum that seemed more interested in pushing their supplements above giving sound advice. I am looking to make AM my new home for advice/information.

    I have been taking FormaSurge for 11 days now but on my 3rd day I had an endocrinologist visit for my hypothyroidism. He never checked my T levels the few times I went before so I did not think he would check them this time around or I would not have started using Formasurge. I was doing 4 squirts 2x a Day (the nozzle broke so not sure how much I am truly getting, they are sending me a replacement) Do you think the 3-4 days of using this product will actually skew the T levels on my lab results?

    My Total T was very low (192) and we are sure it's because of the hypothyroidism. The current results have me somewhere above 400 which is "okay" but I hope this is not just because of the forma. I am not sure how much T levels can increase in such a short time of using this product. Oh and i did not use the formasurge the morning of my DR visit.

  2. Yes, formasurge can skew your results, and significantly so.

  3. If it were me I'd tell the endo to get accurate results in the near future.
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  4. i figured since it has only been 3 days of usage maybe the results would not be as inaccurate. how long do you think i should be off formasurge before my next blood test? I was once on androgel before seeing this endo and he wanted me off that for a month before testing my T levels. funny thing is my T levels were lower (200 range) while on TRT for that short period of time.

  5. Wish I knew more to help you out as far as times go, but I'll bump to get more eyes on this.

    Maybe pm a rep.
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  6. I would discontinue any supplements until you get accurate readings back from your tests and your doctor or endo has given you further instruction. Be honest about your last blood test as well. This is your health, supplements can wait until things are under control.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Yes, formasurge can skew your results, and significantly so.
    Bingo. I recommend discontinuing use a few weeks prior to your next test to get an accurate reading.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by antihero View Post
    Bingo. I recommend discontinuing use a few weeks prior to your next test to get an accurate reading.
    Yes discontinue for 3+ weeks to be exact. Are you taking anything else besides Formasurge? I know it didnt effect my lab results but I was running 900mg Ew of Test and I was off the charts so.... its hard to tell for me. BUT i do see how it could skew results if you were using it alone while not supplementing exogeneous hormones or on TRT.
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

  9. Man OP our stories are so damn similar been under the care of an endo for last 1.5 yrs went in for Low T learned my thyroid was the reason. it helped my T levels but very minuscule so ive been bouncing around diff T boosters as well as looking at formasurge

    keep me posted on your progress and upates

    are you taking synthroid? Deployed blogging

  10. DangerDave: I forgot to mention i was also taking HCGenerate 3 caps in the morning just for the T/Libido boost. Only bought it bc i saw it for $50something instead of the ridiculous 70-90 i've seen it for on various sites.

    Outside Backer: yes i'm taking synthroid 75mg daily. I really don't think my T levels have improved greatly with synthroid and like you said it has helped me slightly. I have gynecomastia since puberty and started taking raloxifene (anti estrogen) and i noticed some good gains. I also was on Androgel for a short time and that also gave me great gains... i even had friends jokingly ask if i was on roids. shows how much my body is literally starving for testosterone. From what little research I've read I may need thryoid medication that includes T3 like armour thyroid. Most docs don't want to prescribe that.


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