Is taking AE right after finishing EP just as effective?

  1. Is taking AE right after finishing EP just as effective?

    Hey all
    I'm about 3-4 weeks from when I last took my EP/DAA stack. I'm looking to start it again in another week or so (hope this break has been long enough).

    Anyhow, I'd like to add AE too. However would it be as effective if I took AE after I finish the 4 week cycle of EP/DAA compared to stacking EP/DAA/AE at the same time? I'd like to stretch out the supps as best I can (as long as it's effective).

    Thanks again!

    Happy lifting.

  2. Yes, run the ABE after. DAA and forskolin have overlapping testicular modalities, whereas n-alkylamides from anacyclus pyrethrum and daa have overlapping modalities at the hypothalamus.

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