athletix titanium/ alpha t2/ erase/ anabeta/ shift/ need2slin

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    Post athletix titanium/ alpha t2/ erase/ anabeta/ shift/ need2slin

    I am looking to create a stack using a number of these supplements to help me lean out and cut the fat. I am 5'11 and currently weigh 215lb and want to get down to 165lb over the next 12 weeks.
    I will be on a low carb, high protein & fat diet, cardio 5x a week and weight training 4-5 x a week. Other supplements i will be taking are creatine mono, whey protein, CLA, L-carnitine, Green Tea, Flaxseed and Vitamins
    I have read good reviews on all the supplements listed and I'm looking to create the best stack possible to achieve my goal.
    I think stacking them all will be abit OTT to say the least as well expensive!! Also I wasn't sure if some were counterproductive?



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    Before addressing any supplements, I think you need to readjust your realistic 12 week weight loss goals. 60lbs in 12 weeks is more than a lot and wont be done in a healthy manner if you somehow achieve it. Thats 5lbs a week, too fast of a cut. Aim for 2lbs a week and work on diet before all else.
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    Do you plan on keeping any muscle? Lol

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